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On December 18, 1958, Pastor Julius Johnson stepped out on faith with only three faithful families as followers to establish the Trinity Missionary Baptist Church.  Services were held at the Sunnyside Civic Center.  Land was purchased in December 1959 at 8414 Woodward for the construction of a facility that would be dedicated to the glory and honor of God.  Membership grew and flourished to over one hundred members.

God continued to add to the church and the membership increased and grew spiritually.  The church edifice was renovated to accommodate the growing ministerial needs.  Pastor Johnson, an advocate of fellowship, leadership and discipleship organized various auxiliaries in the church.  Pastor Johnson was called to reward on May 18, 1975.

Rev. George Strodic, a Son of the church served as interim pastor after the death of Rev. Julius Johnson.   Rev. Richard J. Lott, Sr. was installed as pastor of Trinity Missionary Baptist Church on the first Sunday in May 1976.  Pastor Lott conducted meetings with all auxiliary chairpersons, deacons and church staff to plan develop strategies for Trinity’s future under his leadership.  New auxiliaries were established and old ones reorganized.  The Rev. J. C. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in honor of the late Pastor Johnson.  The church continued to flourish with the implementation of the new ministries.  On November 1, 1980 a “Mortgage Burning” service was held to celebrate and thank God for the liquidation of the church mortgage.

Fire destroyed the church on November 16, 1990, but under Rev. Lott’s leadership a new edifice was built and a dedication service held on May 19, 1991.  Land was purchased in 2002 for future church expansion.  Pastor Lott diligently served as under shepherd, teacher and leader of Trinity for thirty three years.  He was called from labor to reward on January 25, 2009.

Pastor William R. Lott, Sr., brother of the late Rev. Richard Lott, Sr. filled the position of interim pastor.  Rev. Dr. Antoine K. Eakins, Sr., a man of energy, effort, efficiency and effectiveness accepted the “call” and position as the full time pastor of Trinity.  He was officially installed the 2nd Sunday in April 2010.  Pastor Eakins preaches and teaches an uncompromising gospel that is captivating, encouraging and inspiring.   Recognizing that the people of Trinity had a heart for humanity the vision for every aspect of the church became “ministering to the total need of man”.  Pastor Eakins embarked on a campaign to restore the Empowerment Building for Christian Education and refurbish the church facilities.

Pastor Eakins dynamic preaching attracted overflowing crowds on Sunday mornings.  Under Pastor Eakins leadership the church had outgrown the building at 8414 Woodward St.  He endeavored to move the church to a larger facility and on April 27, 2012 the Trinity Missionary Baptist Church celebrated “open house” and dedicatory services at 5530 Van Fleet